Internet Marketing Strategies
that will catch more flies.

The Web is ALL around you.

  • To increase WebSite Visibility and WebSite Productivity
  • To teach clients how to maintain and publish to their WebSite
  • To provide a record of Rankings and Visitor Usage
Tools and Strategies:
  • Search Engine Rank Analysis
  • Research the Competition/Top Ranking Sites
  • Site Optimized for Content and Keywords - visible and many invisible portions of site
  • Site Optimized for 'Visitor' and 'Business Function'
  • Submit to all important Top Search Engines
  • LogFile Analysis - Visitor Demographics and Traffic (not counters or tracking scripts)
  • Electronic Yellow Pages, Search Directories, Partner Links (Friends, Industry, Tourism, etc.)
The Difference:
  • WebStuff can provide the Search Engine knowledge, the vision, the personal service, and the marketing and cross-promotional know-how to bring to your Website unprecedented visibility and usefulness.
  • Very few companies are utilizing research from their own website and their competitor's in the same comprehensive manner as WebStuff Inc.: systematically recording Search Engine Rank stats, Visitor stats, improving Content and Optimizing the site to win the Search Engine race and garner more interested visitors.
  • WebStuff does not guarantee what Search Ranking we will achieve, but WebStuff can guarantee your rankings will rise significantly and compete - if not dominate - in your categories.
    Your over-all WebPresence, independent of the Engines, will also dramatically improve
  • Improved and maintained rankings on the Web's most important Search Engines for higher traffic and "find-ability"… People WILL be able to find you
  • Much greater understanding of visitor usage ... Excellent statistical information for Web Marketing and Cross Marketing strategies - No other Medium has this kind of feedback
  • Visitors are very 'high-importance leads' ... they came to you!
  • Perfect understanding of your Web Environment regarding your site and your competitor's - we can always see what they're doing and do it better
  • Enhanced dialogue (and information gathering) with visitors through e-mail sign-up

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