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Do's and Dont's for Happy Hosting:


#1 - Own a Domain (www.your-domain.com)
#2 - Arrange for a Host...where your site will "live"
#3 - Make WebSite pages, publish them up to your Host server.
#4 - Wait for the world to show up

Some quick Host facts:

  • A Host is where your www.domain.com resides for all Internet Surfers to see
  • All WebSites look just fine on any Host
  • Hosting can be done ANYWHERE, regardless of your locale or the ISP's
  • You do not have to Host with your ISP (dial-up, ISDN, cable, or DSL provider)
  • Your email accounts (myname@your-domain.com) are maintained by your domain's Host, and don't change everytime you get a new ISP. This is very important.

...Now, if you want to know what people are DOING on your site, your choice for Hosting is even more important.

Ever heard of Hit-Counters? Well, forget them.

All WebSites have a server-log kept of daily activity - LogFiles. Coded text files which chronicle all visitor activity on your DOMAIN. ...many Hosts do not manage the LogFiles correctly. Nor do all Hosts make the logs available to YOU. Some can only keep minimal statistics - basically hit-counters - missing the most vital information (Search Engine and Referral Links).

WebStuff will help you with this issue, if you Host with us or not. We will help you get maximum support from your Host so you benefit from the great information logs provide. LogFiles have to be analyzed (remember they're coded)...that's another story and part of why WebStuff can help you. Our comprehensive approach makes your WebSite come alive. However, you can't get good info from bad logs; it has to start with your Host.

The wrong Host can waste years of your time and WebSite's potential. Let's look at what you should expect from a Hosting Service:

Hosts give your site a 24 x 7 x 365 place to "live" on their web-servers. Internet Visitors who type in or link to your domain are directed there to view your pages. A Domain Space is provided, logs started, and a certain amount of 'memory' is alloted (10meg, 20, 50 or more). Most small sites do not use more than 10 meg but it is restrictive. Other sites need more - no way around it. Email servers maintain xAccounts (10 email addresses, 20, 100 for example-whatever is included in the hosting plan). Your computer at home is not equipped (normally) to behave as a web-server, nor is your modem or phone-line adequate for the heavy back-forth traffic that a website demands.

Your Host determines how you can access your web-pages. Look for full, independent FTP access. File managers and a web-based "Admin" page will not suffice. There should be no "tricks" or bottlenecks in getting to your files. AVOID template websites and EZ Site Creator Tools that often come with Hosting Plans. Call WebStuff before you ever make such a desperate error.

Your Host can help you with buying and registering your new Domain names and hosting them. Chicken & Egg - it is hard sometimes to buy a domain if you don't have a host....and most people don't talk to a host until they have bought a domain. Call WebStuff for a guiding hand in this process. After completing the process so often, we have learned the tricks that eliminate this muddle.

If you need to move to another Host...your old Host can be helpful or a real drag. WebStuff is helpful, however no-one has left yet! So that is an unverified statement.

Hosts provide Technical Support for troubleshooting your website and email.

Hosts help determine how many email accounts you will have with your domain, assist with managing your company email, setup/removal of accounts, mailbag size limit, etc.

Hosts help you deploy SSL's which 'credit-card enable' your website.

Hosts help your site with database connectivity.

There are some $4.95/mo hosting and $7.95/mo hosting options out there. Server Farms, they are known as. Perhaps it is clear from the above information that Hosting is crucial. You should consider having your Host in the same Time Zone as your company. All the above duties are performed by WebStuff for free. You are charged for the Hosting costs just like them....but we do not charge for setup, help, email accounts, Tech Support, etc. You are encouraged to note the Server Farms rarely have any extras, charge per email account and Support Incident, etc. LogFiles are one-size-fits-all. If they were to do anything special for you, they would have to do it for ALL their clients. And then where would they be?

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