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A Brief Overview of how the Internet can bring you visibility

Unlike all other forms of Media, the Internet has allowed small to mid-size companies to find space, visibility, and some marketing 'elbow-room' that is so $hard$ to come by elsewhere. Traditional media was bought and sold long ago. Only with vast advertising budgets and outlays of cash could you hope to wedge your way up to the table and garner the attention of huge audiences. The relative Democracy of the Internet has allowed equal visibility (if not to ALL) at least to the clever, the persistent, and the resourceful. Not to mention those versed in the ways of Cross-Media, the Internet, and especially Search Engines (SE's) and search directories.

EVEN THE MOST impressive WebSite will do very poorly with low traffic. And, if you ponder all the ways you could spend money to bring more traffic, the list is long and pricey.
What good is the Internet if you have to spend 10's or 100's of thousands of $'s in 'Traditional Media' to get the word out?

Not much good to anyone, except those who already have the money to dominate every other advertising venue.

Imagine the list of FREE means of bringing significant traffic:

  • You already have HUGE name recognition. Everyone can guess your web address, i.e. www.nike.com
  • You become such a cultural phenomenon and underground cult hit that your name is on EVERYONE'S lips
  • OK. That's about it.

WebStuff does not work for free. However, WebStuff will find every free means to develop your web-presence, to rank you highly on SE's, you will be submitted to every available search directory and online yellow-page directory. WebStuff will foster Mutual Links between your site and likely "Partner" sites and consummate the procedure (an actual link on both sites to each other) *** Agreeing to the link exchange is the easy part. Seeing that both parties carry-out the details is the challenge.***

WebStuff does not believe that Paying for Submissions, Pay per Click, or Paying for Rankings are feasible or fair tactics. (it doesn't hurt that WebStuff knows how to get you ranked on Pay Sites without Paying. Just ask our clients!) Most of the Search Engines are casting about for ways to make a buck - many of these schemes have proven to be unfair, manipulable, and un-effective.
If there is money to be paid for advertising, or for a banner about YOUR SITE that appears in advantageous Internet Locations -
WebStuff can advise you on the absolute BEST way to spend your online dollars. With our custom tracking of visitors and where they came from, we can always tell which ads or links are paying off.....which ones actually deliver visitors and how many!

WebStuff custom re-writes your HTML code and META-tags until your site is irresistable to SE's. We help consummate 'Partner Links' with our Client's WebSite and other advantageous WebSites. We get your listings on a multitude of other Search Directories and Online Yellow-Pages. We have taken many clients from 3 visitors a day to 130 visitors a day. We have taken clients with 90 visitors a day to 900 visitors a day. AND, since every visitor is a qualified, interested lead....the exposure is so overwhelmingly important that your WebSite can and probably should be your most powerful and efficient marketing tool. Let us show you how we can provide detailed reports for client's WebSites for SE Rankings and the LogFile analysis to track your visitor's numbers, arrival from: info, and what they do on your site after arrival.

Millions of visitors are knocking at the Internet Door. They want answers, they want information, they want to know what is available to them. The least we can do is make it easy for them to find you, and to answer the door professionally when they come to visit.

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