WebStuff in Baraboo, WI has saved many a website from Anonymity.

Internet Marketing Strategies
that will catch more flies.

The Web is ALL around you.

You Need:
Sound Advice. How to make your WebSite produce revenue, streamline and enhance marketing efforts, and deliver key website visitor information. You need Precision Log File analysis and knowledge to win Top Search Engine Rankings and Top Internet Visibility. How does an all-around, comprehensive approach sound?

Need a WebSite? We'll build your website
Have one that is not performing so well?
We'll rebuild it!

WebStuff believes site Content, Merit, and Popularity
will continue to dominate Search Rankings
. In fact,
we prove it everyday with the long lasting, high-
ranking results achieved for our clients.

A comprehensive, all-around approach assures we will
try ALL means to promote your WebSite through Online
Yellow Pages, Search Directories, Search Engines, partner-
links, banner ad systems, email campaigns, and more.

None of these techniques cost anything intrinsically.
They are free to utilize, if you take the time to explore them.
How does that sound?

Don't Need:
  • $29 Magic Bullet internet gimmicks
  • $59 Magic Bullet internet gimmicks
  • $79 Magic Bullet internet gimmicks that claim they will get you visibility and Top Search Engine Rankings.
  • Pay-per-click schemes
  • Sponsored listings
  • Submission premiums


  • These are mere bribery schemes in essence. The minute you stop the bribes, what little Rank or Visibility you have goes away fast.
  • Web visitors don't want to see who paid the most, anyways. They want the closest match to what was typed in. Search Engines are coming to realize this, that they stop being Relevant when they start running a 'Bribe' system.
  • Most Sponsor Listings and Pay for Rank / Inclusion programs are extra 'limbs' to their normal service - purely for profit....you can still submit for free, rank high, and be effective.
  • Lastly - Search Engines are finding they can't sell their rankings AND keep their credibility. Many pay schemes were premature, unfair, and manipulable. Be glad you haven't thrown a lot of money in that particular hole.
So here's what we're going to do....
A Battle Plan

WebStuff will help you market Your site to Your audience and/or industry. The increased visibility and "find-ability" results in 24-7, 365 days a year exposure. WebStuff uses honest hard work and custom editing and improvements of your HTML webpages to improve Search Engine Ranks. Nothing else will suffice if you want pages that are irresistible to search engines, complete and forthright to your visitors, and a WebSite you can be proud of showing to the world.

We also have many ideas for cross marketing, email campaigns, mutual link exchanges and more... and WebStuff will teach you how - or do it for you.

THERE IS NO $39, $49, or $99 answer to poor visibility, poor traffic, poor search engine rankings, and low-usefulness of your website.

There IS Our integrated approach to help make your site really utilize the power and reach of the internet.

Give WebStuff a call at 608.356.7963 to talk about YOUR site and how to get the world to come to you!

We can also help with professionally set documents for Print or Electronic media - PDF, EPS, Quark, AI, PSD, Word Doc's for Newsletters, Business Cards, Logo Design, Graphics Libraries of your company art, printing letterheads, web-art, etc...

Layouts for Business Ads, Newspaper Ads, Banner Ads, and Web-Icons.

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Some of Our CLIENTS:

The Wisconsin Mall - Gifts from Landmark WI companies

Ardyth's Sew-N-Shoppe - Baraboo WI

Fox Hill RV Park & Campgrounds

BEST-EX, Inc. Custom Fabrication, Centri Precleaners, and Trail Signs

Jerry & Ellie's Cedar Lake Camp, Ontario

Resonance Research Corp - Science Museum Exhibits and Equipment

Sacred Sources - For all your Metaphysical needs - Workshops, Counseling, Oils, Herbs, Incense and more!

Berkshire Butterflies - Live Butterflies for release - shipped to your wedding or other special occasion

Wisconsin Renewable Energy Online Marketplace

Love Is Waiting online dating service

Ryte Byte Inc. - Lynx Fleet Transport Management Software

Papa Bear's Northwoods Store

Arrowhead Resort Campground, WI Dells

BooBear Gifts for Special Occasions

Wisconsin Home Mortgage Co.

Butterfly Kisses Childrens Boutique, Baraboo WI

TopHat...Heating, Cooling, and Fireplace Specialists

Baraboo Country Club Championship Golf Course

Specially Hers - Mother of the Bride Dresses and Access

Kamperman Associates, Inc. - Acoustic Consultants for Industry and Communities and Environment - Noise Reduction

Centri PreCleaners - Industrial Equipment air pre-filtration for tractors, streetsweepers....any dusty job

Making Sense of Place - Cultural and Agricultural Historic Interpretations. Living Museums, Historic Site Design and Wayside Exhibits, Displays, and Interpretive Trail Signs

Towns & Associates, Inc. - Hotel and Hospitality Directories for Guest Services, Restaurant Listings, Room Service Menus

Reedsburg and Baraboo Rent All - Renting every kind of tool and power equipment. Sales and Service of name brand lawn equipment too!

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